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Guest House “In Barama”

    “There is no one who can sweep Rhodopes with a glance. There is no peak, which you can climb, and then recognize it with a glance. You have to go it and to suffer, and then to collect it in your heart and to look at it – but you have to have a heart of an eagle. You can’t see Rhodopes with your eyes; you have to see it with your heart. With closed eyes, in you.”

Anton Donchev
    "Time of parting"

    In the ancient history of the mountain, through its picturesque paths are echoed the footsteps of ancient Thracians, Slavs, Bulgarians, Greeks, Romans.Therefore it combines history and myth, actual events and heroic legends. Rhodopes afford us an opportunity not only to enjoy its beauty, but also make us feel sympathetic to their history and spirit. The beauty of Rhodopes is unique. They are an oasis of pure and wildlife, they embosom you like a sea of ​​dark green hills with villages nestled between them, with houses that now lie between the flowing folds of the mountain, and then climb the highest. Even for a moment to enjoy the beautiful view and breathe the crystal clean air, you will forever love the lyrical and magnetic Rhodopes. A little part of this majestic mountain is the village of Vishnevo.

     If you love the spirit of old times, the mountain of Orpheus is a perfect place for your vacation.
     Guest house "In Barama" combines the natural beauty of the mountain with the comfort and hospitality of the Rhodope people and offers you to taste delicious dishes typical for the Rhodope Cuisine.
     The complex has a hotel part - 32 seats (10 double rooms, 2 apartments and 1 luxury apartment). All rooms have private bathroom. bar - 40 seats, a pool with lounges and umbrellas, summer bar, playground, private parking.


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