Village of Vishnevo (district of Smolyan) is located in South-Central Bulgaria in the heart of the Rhodopes and is part of municipality of Banite. It is situated 5 km from the municipal center of Banite, 57 km from the district center Smolyan, 123 km from city of Plovdiv and 263 km from the capital Sofia. Its altitude is from 700 to 1200 m. The village is located on 7.274 km2 (NSI), its population is just over 300 people. Cool summers and mild sunny winters are typical for the climate.

село Вишнево

     Sightseeing and hiking trails near the village of Vishnevo: peak “Svoboda”, peak “Rozhen”, where is located the National Astronomical Observatory, hut “Prespa”, “Haydushki polyani” area, Devil's Throat Cave and Yagodinska Cave, Pamporovo ski resort, Hunting Reserve “Kormisosh”, etc.

     Not a great distance from village of Vishnevo are located some of the most famous archaeological and architectural monuments in Bulgaria like Rock city of Perperikon, Tatul sanctuary, Devil’s bridge, and also Natural phenomenon - The Wonderful Bridges


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