Historic landmarks

Near the village of Vishnevo are located historical monuments which may be of interest to visitors. Some, such as archaeological sites Perperikon and Tatul, are not only local, but from European and global significance.



Perperikon is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, 15 km northeast of the town of Kardzhali. Its name is associated with Perper coins and Zlatitsa in Medieval Bulgaria. Its area is about 12 square kilometers. It is a megalith complex, which is the largest on the Balkan Peninsula. Near it runs Perpereshka gold-bearing River, which is forming a fertile valley. Convenient river valley has created excellent conditions for life since ancient times. Therefore it is dotted with dozens of archaeological sites from different eras whose natural center is Perperikon.

Perperikon is a spectacular sanctuary. That is to say that the wonderful finds give the opportunity to hypothesize that exactly on Perperikon had been located the famous in antiquity prophet's place of god Dionysus, which has been sought by a century. Excavations began there in 2000 and still continue; revealing a large rock city whose heyday was during the Roman period, although its history has started several millennia earlier.

Perperikon is part of a Hundred Historical Sites of Bulgaria.




Tatul is a mountain village in southern Bulgaria, in the Rhodope Mountains. It is located in the municipality of Momchilgrad, district of Kardzhali.
Less than a kilometer from the village of Tatul there is a sanctuary, which is one of the most impressive megalithic monuments in the Bulgarian lands. Its precise dating is still disputed, as are found materials from different eras. The complex consists of an ancient pagan temple and a medieval fortress. It is believed that the sanctuary is from the VII.Century BC. Tatul sanctuary except for transferring victims of ancient Thracian gods, most certainly was a center for monitoring the rise and set of the Sun. There is complete continuity between pagan cults and Christianity on Tatul, just like on Perperikon.


Devil's bridge

Дяволският мостДяволският мостДяволският мост

The devil's bridge is the biggest and most majestic bridge of the Rhodope mountain. It is a masterpiece of the Middle Age Architecture. Standing under it, you will be astounded by its huge dimensions and exquisitely elegant and symmetric forms.
Arda river flows under it, forming an extraordinarily beautiful canyon. The Devil's bridge has been restraining the water flow from 300 years.


The Tekke of Enihan baba

Текето на Енихан бабаТекето на Енихан баба

The highest temple built in Bulgaria is situated 1993 meters above sea-level on "Svoboda" peak in the Middle Rhodopes. This is the Tekke (grave) of Enihan baba. There is no exact date of its erection, but according to various reports, it happened during XIV-XV century. The tomb was destroyed several times over the years. When the grave was destroyed in the 1980s it was found out that inside hadn't been buried a real person. It is common practice in Allevian monuments in the country, popular as Tekkes. It is a contentious issue if Enihan baba had existed. According to people from village of Davidkovo, Enihan was a saint, educator and healer, a legend he is an Ottoman military commander, swept mystical Rhodope Mountains. 600 steps lead to the grave.