Research centers and landmarks in the region

It is difficult to mention all the natural attractions which are nearby and easily accessible with starting point village of Vishnevo. Mountain lovers can enjoy the forests, caves, waterfalls and gorges, walking on hiking trails, criss-crossing the area. Clean air, mild climate and lack of fog make transitions easy and pleasant. Clean air and cloudless skies facilitate observation of the stars for those who would have visited the National Astronomical Observatory and the Planetarium.


Peak "Rozhen" - National Astronomical Observatory

Националната астрономическа обсерваторияНационалната астрономическа обсерваторияНационалната астрономическа обсерватория

Near peak Rozhen in the Middle Rhodopes, a few kilometers from Pamporovo and Smolyan, is the largest scientific complex in the Balkans in astrophysics - Astronomical Observatory Rozhen. It is opened in 1981. Observatory has one of the largest telescopes in the world for observation of celestial bodies. It is located in a wonderful area of 1760 m above sea-level near to Rozhen Meadows. It is open to visitors for a modest price and it will be given a detailed lecture. You can see the complex and buy a souvenir.


The Planetarium Smolyan

Планетариумът в СмолянПланетариумът в СмолянПланетариумът в Смолян

Smolyan planetarium is relatively large and is also opened to visitors. Here are two of the largest facilities for monitoring of celestial bodies. The altitude and climate, and the geographic location offer ideal conditions for observation - cloudless sky and clean air.


The Wonderful Bridges

Чудните мостовеЧудните мостовеЧудните мостове

The Wonderful Bridges are rock phenomenon also known by the name of the Rock Bridges. It is located in karst Erkyupria River valley in the Western Rhodopes at 1,450 meters altitude, at the foot of Golyam Persenk peak. The bridges were formed by the erosive activity of the highest-water river of the past, which has formed the marble cracks and turned them into a deep cave river, over the years ceiling of the cave has grown thinner and even at places started to crash. Most probably the debris was eventually carried away by the river waters. There were left only two marble bridge-shaped boulders. The large one (situated upstream) is 15 metres at its widest and 100 metres long, and shaped by three vault arches, the largest of which is 45 metres high and 40 metres wide. The Erkyupriya River flows under the middle-sized arch. The smaller bridge is located 200 metres downstream. It is unpassable, 60 metres in length, with a total height of 50 metres, 30 metres at the highest place of the arch. A third, very little and hardly reachable bridge-like formation follows, constituting the entrance of a pothole cave where the river waters disappear underground, and show back up after 3 km.


"Haydushki polyani"

Хайдушки поляниХайдушки поляни

"Haydushki polyani" is in the Rhodopes. It is located 15 km. east of Pamporovo, on the territory of municipality of Smolyan, close to village of Kutela. There it is also located a chalet of the same name. There people traditionally conduct fair each year.


Wildlife refuge "Kormisosh"

Резерватът КормисошРезерватът Кормисош

The wildlife refuge "Kormisosh" is one of the legendary places for hunting in whole Europe. For decades only the "chosen by Gods" had access to it. On an area of 42 hectares there is placed an extraordinary rich animal kingdom – from bears to moufflons  and from roedeers to wood grouses. Here was shot a boar, on whose tusks were awarded a world trophy record.